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How i spent my 2020 ( January to December)

  How i spent My 2020 from January to December 1st January, I trained 100 women at FOMWAN on digital skills. 12th January I celebrated my birthday by training children on how to use computer. 29th January I helped Shop360 in Kano to be visible online. 9th February i was live at Vision FM, where i talked about how to curb the spread of fake news. 10th Feb, I learned some indirect Cyber crimes that could send someone to jail. 20th February . I was part of  the great youth volunteers network by Hon. S.A  on Youth matters Nuraddeen Harande Mahe to bring about positive changes to Sokoto State. 28th February ,  I was part of the organizing Committee to train Sokoto Jamb candidates to help them use computer easily during their exams. 21st February , i learned the concept of wealth management and growth.  1st March ,I was at sokoto youth dialogue where we discussed how to harness youth resourcefulness for the development of sokoto state. 7th March, I showed primary children some basic skills t