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HOW I SPENT MY 2021 From January to December


HOW I SPENT MY 2021 FROM January to December.

1. On 1st January 2021, I shared how I spent my 2020 from Jan to December

2. On 3rd January I had a meeting with the commissioner of youth about a program called SO-YEEP, which targets the youth, and today because of ICT integration themessage has reached up to 20,000 youth in Sokoto and a lot has benefited already.

3. On 9th January I shoot a video on how to be safe online after sharing your
sensitive information to a fake site.

4. On 12th January I celebrated my birthday for the first time at 25 by cutting a cake (From Dr. Nasir Daniya)and also as a married man. and like always on my
birthday, I hosted computer training for kids.

5. On 17th January, I participated in the
inaugural public-private sector
engagement forum organized by ICT Directorate

6. On 28th January, I talked about Social media platforms and TikTok specifically atVision FM.

7. On 30th January, I took the covid 19 test and the result came negative.
8. On 30th January I trained Nigerian Youth (NYSC) on how they can better theirlives and business using the ICT.

9. On 8th February, I, together with my colleagues and DG ICT went on a
sensitization visit to Darul Ilmi which is headed by a renowned Islamic scholar
Professor Muhammad Dr. Mansur Sokoto mni. 

10.On 10th February. I and my wife started Yamar Smoothie which aims to share
with the general public a unique smoothie that brings together health and

11.On 18th February I shared with the general public how to Convert gasoline
generators to LPG to save cost and reduce global warming.

12.On 20th February, I participated in the NCS program titled System Security in
Nigeria, the opportunities, challenges, and way forward.

13.On 27th February, The Commissioner of youth tried our smoothie and gave a

14.On 8th March I joined my wife to celebrate international women's day, where Wetalk about how men can support their wives to become better versions of theirselves.

15.On 29th March. I met the founder of Le MAMA LOCAL CHOPS INN where we
talked about how we can do a mutual partnership to take Yamar smoothie and LeMAMA LOCAL CHOPS INN to the next level.

16. On 30th March I shared how I started from zero in the field of IT at Waziri TV

17.On 30th March, I talk about social media: opportunities, challenges, and threatsat Rima Fm 97.1.18.On 31st March I share to the general public how one can get 24/7 electricity with
little investment.

19.On 4th April, I started working on a project which involve a generator that requiresnothing to work on.

20.On 5th April, I visited Salahuddeen to talk about entrepreneurship live on

21.On 13th April, I shoot a video on how one can use technology to get closer to
Allah During Ramadan.

22.On 23rd April, I share live on Facebook ways to be using an LPG Generator.

23.On 4th May, I started working with the Center for entrepreneurship at Usmanu
Danfodiyo University Sokoto as an IT Coordinator and Digital skills trainer.

24.On 5th May I shot an appreciation video to thank hundreds of people who
rejoiced with me for my new appointment.

25. on 18th May, I was part of the team from the ICT Directorate including DG ICT tovisit WAZIRI JUNAIDU HISTORY AND CULTURE BUREAU, SOKOTO to see ways itcan be digitalized

26.On 21s May, I designed a logo for Usmanu Danfodiyo University Sokoto, Social
media office and it was adapted.

27.On 29th May coordinate an online meeting between Sokoto State Scholarshipboard leadership and about 100 Sokoto student in India.

28.on 7th June I made a promotional video for UDUS CED.

29. On 10th June I together with my colleagues from the ICT Directorate visited theoffice of His Excellency, the Deputy Governor of Sokoto to talk about plans toreduce cybercrime across the state.

30.On 12th June I participated in a program by Usmanu Danfodiyo University SocialMedia Office about ‘Etiquettes and Responsibilities of Using Social Media by DGICT"

31.On June 18th I was part of the team at the ICT Directorate that made SOKOTO

32.On 26th June, I contributed to the success of the cyber security meetup whichwas organized by Mtek Global ltd.

33. On 1st July, I went to Tangaza Local Government in Sokoto to fix their computersat the school lab so students can write exams.

34. On 12th July I offered to build a website for Sokoto Reloaded.
35. On 15th July I shared with Senior students from technical college running
Sambo how they can be self-reliant by acquiring soft and hard skills.

36. On 16th July I met with Dr Rilwanu and Hayatuddeen where we talk about manyissues regarding ICT and Community Development.37.On 28th July I with my team contributed to digitizing a weeding dinner at HidimaEvent.

38. On 19th August, We had a meeting at ICT Directorate with some creative
innovators in the state

39.On 29th August, I started translating the Google Digital Marketing course to
Hausa so our people can learn and Understand better.

40.On 30th August, made a video about online opportunities.

41.On 1st September, I took an official digital portrait and update all my profiles.

42.On 4th September I talked about Facebook hacking and how to be safe.

43.On 5th September, I joined Jalaluddeen Aliyu to talk about his success using ICTfor Business.

44.On 9th September I contributed to a program titled the role of ICT in supportingyouth to explore opportunities towards addressing developmental challenges inthe state.

45.On September 9th, I made a video about online presence for businesses.
46.On 10th September, I partnered with the Arewa Computer library to see how wecan promote the use of ICT in the Hausa community.

47. On 11th September I went to NYSC Camp where I show Nigerian youth variousways they can make a living using ICT.

48.on 12th September, I celebrate my first marriage anniversary.

49.on 12th September I made a video of how one can place an advert online.

50.On 16th September I Learned about the 5G network from the Honorable Ministerof Communication and the digital economy.

51.On 18th September, I made a video about how to stay updated online.

52.on 26th September, I met with Saifullah Yusuf to discuss extensively social mediaaccount recovery.

53.On 26th September, I made a video about how a website works.

54.on 30th September, I participated in a program by the Nigerian Internet
Governance Forum tittle internet that works for all.

55.On 1st October, I made a video on how to be safe on Instagram in Hausa and

56.on 5th October, I made a video on how to improve your website

57.On 7th October, I joined Garkuwa FM live to talk about some of my digital
contributions to the community.

58.On 9th October I made a video on creating a website that really helps you achieveyour business goals.

59.On 11th October I represented The DG ICT to deliver a paper on Digital
Generation/revolution ( how we can give equal access and opportunities to girls
so they can grow to be empowered with digital skills which are necessary forsecuring their future.) The program was organized by UNICEF and Sokoto StateUniversal Basic Education Board to celebrate the international day for the

60.On 11th October, I created a practical video on how a website should be.

61.On 12th October, I decided to focus on my master's.

62.On 19th October, I received an invitation to talk at TEDXArkilla.
63.On 6th November I became a TED Speaker, where I talk about how the little youknow can take you places.

64.On 7th November I learned the concept of simplicity from Dr. Ahmed Adamu.

65.On 11th November I joined DG ICT as he share the impact of social media for
wealth creation on Nigerian Youth.

66.On 11th November I made a video on how to build a website that's user-friendly.

67.On 18th November, I received IT students from Ummaru Ali Shinkafi PolytechnicSokoto, Where I introduced how Sokoto State media corporations were able to
grow from zero to here using technology.

68.On 20th November, I created a promotional video for the center for
entrepreneurship development, Usmanu Danfodiyo University Sokoto.

69.On 21st November, I met Sadiq Mai Jama and Haruna Zarrumai to talk about
some ICT-related issues.

70.On 24th November, I start lecturing students from Usmanu Danfodiyo University,ICT for Business operations.

71.On 29th November, I met Oladimeji OluwaTunmise who is an electrician wantingto explore digital opportunities.

72.On 1st December, I paid for 5 people to learn cryptocurrency.

73. On 1st December, I lectured students of Usmanu Danfodiyo University on how touse their smartphones to design quality Logos.

74.On 2nd December, I contributed to the program titled Youth Hotline where the
speakers talk about gender-based violence, the way forward, in celebration of 16days of activism.

75.On 3rd December, I started an online class to teach several ways you can makemoney online with your laptop or smartphone.

76.On 6th December, I met Dr. Shadi Sabeh to talk about possible ways to be
producing practical digital-oriented students from the primary to the secondarysection of the school.

77.On 8th December, I paid for 5 people to learn the role of volunteer services in
community development.

78.on 8th December, I join my colleagues at the ICT Directorate to visit the EFCC
office in preparation for a statewide cybercrime awareness campaign.

79. On 8th December, I took an online student from Usmanu Danfodiyo UniversitySokoto where I talked about how to use some apps to better your life andbusiness.

80. On 11th December, I received IT students from IUOL University in Sokoto.

81.On 18th December, I presented a paper Titled Digital Journalism.
82.Where I talk about all that you need to start as a journalist from zero to hero. at aMaster Class organized by AD Dalil Press Usmanu Danfodiyo University Sokoto

83.On 23rd December, I contributed to the program titled Youth Hotline where the
speakers talk about insecurity in Nigeria at Garkuwa FM.

84+ And many others which were not captured by social media, Videos, texts or pictures. 

Papers Presented: 7
Videos Created: 75
Mobile Application Built: 8
Website Built: 14
Hacked Account Recovered: 21
Organizations Visited: 13
Skills Learned: 5
Skills Mastered: 3

Alhamdulillah, 2021 has been fair enough, May Allah give us all the ability to do more in 2022.

Friday, 1 January 2021

How i spent my 2020 ( January to December)


How i spent My 2020 from January to December

1st January, I trained 100 women at FOMWAN on digital skills.

12th January I celebrated my birthday by training children on how to use computer.

29th January I helped Shop360 in Kano to be visible online.

9th February i was live at Vision FM, where i talked about how to curb the spread of fake news.

10th Feb, I learned some indirect Cyber crimes that could send someone to jail.

20th February . I was part of  the great youth volunteers network by Hon. S.A  on Youth matters Nuraddeen Harande Mahe to bring about positive changes to Sokoto State.

28th February ,  I was part of the organizing Committee to train Sokoto Jamb candidates to help them use computer easily during their exams.

21st February , i learned the concept of wealth management and growth. 

1st March ,I was at sokoto youth dialogue where we discussed how to harness youth resourcefulness for the development of sokoto state.

7th March, I showed primary children some basic skills that could help them in their studies.

8th March, I celebrated the International womens day by organizing a training for women on how to better their businesses using digital skills Sponsored by mind the gap.

14th March, I got engaged to the love of my life to narrow my focus from distractions to my dreams. ♥ 

on 17th March ,i was invited by PTDF for a scholarship interview in Kaduna.

2nd April, I joined Sokoto State ICT Directorate Technical Team.

14th April, Iorganized an online training where i discussed some of the benefits of having a website. 

18 April /6th May organized a daily computer quiz online where i distributed free airtime to the winners to encourage the quest for digital knowledge.

19th April i was sent  as a professional Assistant to the executive Chairman Sokoto State Media Corporation on secondment. 

21th April , I was part of sokoto state student task force on COVID-19.

24th April, ICT Directorate launched the Sokoto State Media Corporation online listening and Watching platforms.

29th April, I guided about 43 people to obtain a Microsoft digital literacy Certificate online. 

5th May, We (ICT Directorate) uploaded about about 60 Educational Videos on YouTube to help students at home learn easily during Covid-19. 

14th May, I attended a program called Covid-19 era and beyond organized by federal ministry youths and Sports. 

25th June,i helped over 150 people to enroll on Empower portal.

29th June,  We (ICT Directorate) organized an Awareness Campaign on e-learning in our VIP Resource Center. 

1st July, We (ICT Directorate) were at Sokoto ministry of security appears for assessment and recommendations 

2nd July, We (ICT Directorate) were at International University of Languages fir inspection familiarization. 

16th July, I was promoted to Head of Unit Software Systems and Solutions Support. 

 27th July, we were at EFCC for Digital assessment and collaboration.

11th August, We arranged a virtual meeting for Sokoto State Scholarship board and Sponsored Student in india. 

25th August, We (ICT Directorate) were at Social Investments Program's Office for Digital gadget assessment. 

30th Aug,i trained 559 people on how to stay safe online. 

31st Aug, i together with other members of the ICT Directorate  received the exco of  one big family where we talk about

 ways to promote digital literacy among youth. 

1st September I finally completed my house. 

10th September, i joined the famous purple community to educate our youth on digital skills. 

11 September, i was live at Rima TV to discuss e-commerce and internet in Sokoto. 

12 September, I finally got married to the love of my life. ♥ 

22nd September, We were at One Stop Shop for a predeployment assignment. 

1st October, I obtained some digital certificates on the digital Nigeria Portal as well as guided about 46 other people to get theirs too. 

23rd October, we were at the Sokoto State Internal Revenue Service for partnership and collaboration. 

10th October, we(ICT Directorate Sokoto) organized in collaboration with Sokoto State Media Corporation  a top level training program on ICT 

13th October, I presented a paper on cloud computing at Sokoto State Media Corporation. 

18th October, I successfully worked a petrol alternative Generator to work 

with  LPG

25th October, we (ICT Directorate) Were at One stop Shop for deployment of digital gadget. 

7th November, we (Startup Sokoto) organized the CEO Breakfast 2.0 where i digitized the event with attractive technology splashes.

19th November, I was part of the organizing committee of the Global Entrepreneurship Week anchored by the Honorable Special Adviser to the Sokoto State Governor on Skills acquisition Amb Nafi'u Bello Basakkwace where i  contributed digitally to the success of the event. 

21st November, I steered the Global Entrepreneurship Week Summit  program digitally, where i used top notch technology to fully engage the audience. 

26th November, Our efforts (ICT Directorate Team) were recognized Nationally earning the Sokoto State Governor H.E Rt Hon Aminu Waziri Tambuwal the Award "Digital Governor of the year" and Our leader, the Honorable Director General, Dr. Nasir Daniya became the first sokoto state indigene to be conferred with  Nigerian Computer Society fellowship. 

1st December, I was selected to be part of the technical committee organized by DG ICT where i was made the secretary. 

9th December, we (ICT Directorate) were at the Nigerian Union of Journalists for collaboration and partnership. 

12 December, I was at NYSC Orientation Camp where we organized an online digital skills training for about 800 corp members. 

15th December, we (ICT Directorate) were at Sokoto State Geographical information system.. 

30 December, I received an award as the Tech Young Achiever of the Year from Sokoto Caliphate Youth Ambassadors.

31st December, We ( ICT Directorate) were at School of Nursing and Midwifery Sokoto for collaboration and partnership.

Video Designed: 54

App Built :  3

Website Built:  6

Hacked Account Recovered: 153

Alhamdulillah, Despite Covid-19 issues, 2020 has been fair enough, 

it started with digital skills training and ended with an award by Honorable Amb. Yakubu Abubakar Chairman NYCN elect.

May Allah give me the ability to do more.

Read how i spent my 2019 from January to December.

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HOW I SPENT MY 2019 [Jan-Dec]

HOW I SPENT MY 2019 [Jan-Dec]

1st January, I founded Dan Anini Digital Solutions to provide affordable digital solutions to my community.
And i took a challenge to be active and productive throughout the year.

January 12. I celebrated my birthday by giving a family talk on how one can be safe online.

January 15th. I finished a course on motion graphics.

January 28th. My contribution to drawing the attention of the Youth toward ICT was recognized by the Sokoto State Governor, Rt. Hon Aminu Waziri Tambuwal.

6th February, i participated in the vote not fight movement by YaliNetworkSok.

5th March, I organized a free digital skills training for business owners in Sokoto with support from mind the gap and google.

6th April,  I trained about 2000+ Youth corp members in Sokoto on how they can use Digital skills to better their lives after service year with support from mind the gap and google.

10th April, I started  providing digital solutions to business in Kaduna.

11th April, I started working in  YB Innovation Hub kaduna networking with talented like minds.

25th April, i learned  from Dr. Bashir why understanding the value of my skills can lead me to a great success, and that was a great game changer for me.

9th May, i went to Kano to visit his Eminence, The Emir of Kano.

1st June, i was recieved by the governor of of Kaduna State, Mal. Nasir Ahmad El-rufai, we spent about an hour discussing about the rolea ICT can play in morethan politics.

15th June i was recieved by Chief Justice ⚖ of Katsina State to start building a digital solution for one of the major problems they are facing in the State.

6th July, i attended the Northern Youth Submit in Kaduna.

24th August we organized CEO Breakfast where i learned so many things including  personal branding and packaging.

24th August Dan Anini Digital Solutions partnered with Startup Sokoto to offer business a subsidized cost of having a website which went for as little as N5,000.

25th August i recieved certificate of appreciation for my selfless service to Startup.

27th June I obtained my NYSC certificate.

1st June I started improving my web design skills.

27th June I started a new job at startup Sokoto, as Assistant Tech Lead.

26th i attended a Stakeholders meeting organized by International University of Languages IUOl  sokoto so talk about the way forward.

31st August, I trained about 2000+ Youth corp members in Sokoto on how they can use Digital skills to better their lives after service year with support from mind the gap and google.

4th September, I started teaching Kids how to use computer.

5th September we were featured on dailytrust how we are changing the mindset of sokoto youth to focus on entrepreneurship.

6th September, I attended a Google developers Group meetup where i learn so many valuable things and network with some of the talented minds we are having in Sokoto.

7th September, i volunteered to create a free website for yali Sokoto.

27th September I was opportune to win a ticket to dinner organized by US Embassy where we discussed about how easy it is to study in the US.

24th September, i left Sokoto to Abuja to attend Study UK fair where i met the representatives of so many universities in the UK and make valuable enquiries.

28th October Visited Sultanate Counsel Sokoto.

25th September , I visited NITDA Abuja, to explore some of the existing opportunities.

7th November, I attended Devfest tech event organized by Gdg Sokoto.

14th November, i attended a program organized by US embassy tittled "The future of digital tech in Africa"

17th November, I trained about 2000+ Youth corp members in Sokoto on how they can use Digital skills to better their lives after service year with support from mind the gap and google.

23rd November, i was honored with the privilege to launch the website i built for Udus BMLS Alumni which raised about about NGN 500,000.

25th November, i took my second skill's paid flight ticket to Abuja.

26Th November, I presented my 1st Seminar paper on using Google to handle multiple task and deadlines to NPA Staffs organized by D9 International.

28th November, I presented my 2nd Seminar paper on using Google to handle multiple task and deadlines to NPA Staffs organized by D9 International.

30th November, i trained about 30 young people how to build Powerful Softwares Without writing codes the program which was organized by Caliphate Tech Community.

1st December, I traveled to Kaduna.

2nd December, I was invited to NITDA Abuja for Idea Pitch.

9th December, I was recieved by the Special Adviser to the Sokoto State Governor on Skills Acquisition , Hon. Nafiu Basakkwace to discuss about how technology can be used to train the youth of Sokoto in different skills.

11th December, Google appreciated my contribution as a Google local Guide, trying to put Sokoto on map of the Digital Space.

14th December, i attended a public speaking class organized by the productive youth development initiative to improve my public speaking skills.

23rd December, we had a meeting about the upcoming Caliphate Tech Community January tech event.

23rd December We paid a courtesy visit to Hon. Nafiu Basakkwace.

23rd December, we organized a dinner for Hon. Nafiu Basakkwace to congratulate him on his new achievement.

23rd December.  I was privileged to meet and network with Hon. Bashir Gorau, S. A to the Governor on student matters where we discussed how we can come of with a solutions to reduce the some unnecessary spendings the government is doing.

26th December, we organized Sokoto Facebook Connect to educate young people how to make proper use of social media especially Facebook, Where i focused mainly on giving the participants an impressive digital experience.

27th December, we were featured on Daily trust about the Sokoto Facebook Connect.

28th I was privileged to meet and network with Hon. Nuraddeen Harande Mahe, S.A to the Governor on Youth matters where we discussed how technology can used to mobilize 1 millions youth volunteers in Sokoto, a project which we started already, I volunteered to start building the portal absolutely free. #HIMMAMATASA 😁

The mobile apps and website i built in 2019.

Personal Websites


Event and Trainings


On Working Project

Mobile Apps

My Leader App
E-lecturing APP
Fire Service App

Alhamdulillah, 2019 is indeed  fair enough.
We have trained over 8000+ Youth Corp members in Sokoto. Looking forward to focusing on Sokoto youth in 2020.

The year started with a recognition by the state Governor and ended with an award by Member house of reps.

May Allah give me the ability to do more in 2020.

Thursday, 28 November 2019

Get More things done using Google Task

On 26th and 28th of November 2019, I presented a Seminar on the topic The Power of Google Task: Get Things Done Mobile Application is service delivery. The Seminar was organized by D9 International Consulting and sponsored by the Nigerian Ports Authority to build the human capacity of their employees.

According to research "The brain processes 400 Billion bits of information a second. BUT, we are ONLY aware of 2,000 of those."  The world is filled with so many sources of distractions such as Social Media, Movies and so many other things our brain can easily get confused and to avoid that, it needs a roadmap, it needs a plan, it needs a structure in order to stay organized.

 Our Smartphones being the major source of our distraction, can be used to make us productive as well.
Google task is a mobile application developed by Google to make task management simpler and easy, it replaces the normal paper to-do list with more advanced features and improvement integrated with your email, calendar and alarm clock aimed at providing users with the ability to make their lives more efficient.
I myself, have been using GoogleTask for about a year now and it has helped me accomplish so many things within a short time. It has changed the way I view time completely.

How to use Google Task

Download Google task
Apple Store: Google Task
Play Store: Google Task

Google Tasks Desktop

On your desktop, Tasks is already integrated into your Google interface. You may locate it in a side panel on the right from any of the following: Gmail, Google Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides.
This is a panel that you can choose to hide or show.
Click on the icon to open up your Tasks list(s).
If you are a first-time user, you will see that a default list called “My Tasks” has already been created. You will not be able to delete this list, but you can rename it to whatever you like.
And that is as easy as clicking on the overflow menu (the three vertical dots) on the top right to pull up the options available to modify your list — including renaming it.

Google Tasks App

The app is completely free to download from the Google Play Store and iOS App Store.
Likewise for the app, first-time users will have the same “My Tasks” list already created for them that can be renamed.
Navigating your way around the mobile and desktop versions is pretty much the same. The only difference is that the overflow menu on the mobile app is located on the bottom right instead of the top right. And just like all other G Suite features, both app and desktop versions are automatically synchronized.
Add Reminders to Google Tasks From Google Calendar
If you have been using Google Calendar reminders and are getting started with Tasks to organize your life, it would certainly help to have your reminders and tasks in one single list for easy viewing.
After all, Google Calendar reminders work just like Tasks, and condensing everything into one view eliminates the need to switch back and forth. Plus, it all falls into Google’s plan for Tasks to be the “one destination to track what you need to do in G Suite.”
You can copy your existing reminders from Google Calendar in two easy steps:
  1. Open the overflow menu
  2. Select the last option on the list: “Copy reminders to Tasks”
This is, however, only a one-time import. So, changes such as edits to reminders or new reminders added to Google Calendar after existing reminders have been copied will not be automatically reflected on Tasks. Any synchronization of Reminders and Tasks from this point on must be done manually by repeating the above steps.
View Tasks on Google Calendar
If you are a planner, you will want to be able to view your tasks on a calendar so that you can get organized. Fortunately with Tasks, you have the option of doing so on Google Calendar as long as you have set a date (and time) to your task. Here’s how to schedule a task:
  1. Select the option to add a task, or if you already have a task created, enter edit mode
  2. Click on “Add date/time”
  3. Indicate the date (and time) you want to schedule the task for
  4. Click “Ok” if you are on your desktop or “Done” if you are using the app
You can also choose to schedule a recurring task, which could be helpful for if you have a medication you need to take on a daily or regular basis, or tend to be a little more forgetful with things like paying bills on time.
In order for your scheduled tasks to be visible on Google Calendar, make sure you have the “Tasks” option selected on your Google Calendar and it will be listed in the corresponding timeslot. If there is no specific time assigned to the task, it will simply be listed as an “All day” task.

Reschedule Tasks on Google Calendar

Amid the hustles and bustles of life, it is common for plans to not always pan out as scheduled. If you need to reschedule your tasks, you may do that directly from Google Calendar on your desktop.
This actually works in the exact same way as rescheduling an event. There is, of course, the old-school method of selecting the task, going into edit mode, and then assigning it a new date and time.
Alternatively, you could simply drag and drop.
If you are on the day view, tasks that have been assigned a specific time can be moved to a different time slot. “All day” tasks will, however, require the old-school method in order for them to be rescheduled.
If you are on the week view, tasks that have been assigned a specific time can be moved to any time slot in that specific week. “All day” tasks can also be moved to a different day as long as it falls on that same week.
The rescheduling process becomes a little more rigid on the month view as things then become rather condensed. Tasks that have been set for a specific time and date cannot be moved to a different time slot on the same day and can only be moved to a different day (within the same month) while maintaining the same time slot. The same goes for “All day” tasks.

Receive Google Tasks Notifications

If you lead very packed days, you may want to activate notifications to facilitate your life and remind yourself when a task is due. If you have set a time for your task, you will receive a Google Calendar notification on your desktop at the scheduled time. Don’t worry if you happen to be away from your computer, as you will also receive a notification from the Tasks app.
If you have set a date but not time, you will receive a notification at 9 a.m. local time on the date the task has been set.
Only tasks that have dates set will appear on Google Calendar. These are synchronized automatically, meaning that any changes to its date, time, or details will be automatically reflected on Google Calendar. And vice versa.

Add Email as a Task

Have an important email to reply to that you simply didn’t get to when you received it? That may very well be the case if you are a successful entrepreneur with a jam-packed schedule. Fret no more, there’s now a simple solution to that.
One of the best features of Tasks is how easily it integrates with Gmail. Besides having an all-in-one view of both Gmail and Tasks on your desktop, you can now easily add emails to your tasks.

On Your Desktop Browser

  1. Go to your inbox
  2. Open Tasks from the right sidebar
  3. Drag and drop the email into your task list
If you are already in the email, click on the overflow menu of your inbox at the top and select “Add to tasks.” This works regardless of whether you have the Tasks sidebar opened.
If your list is sorted by date, the new task is added into the “No date” category at the bottom of the list. If you have it sorted by “My order,” it goes right to the top.
The task is automatically named as the email subject, and to facilitate matters, there is a direct link in the task to the email.

On Your Gmail App

  1. Open the email you want to set as a task
  2. Tap on the three vertical dots at the top right corner (next to the mark as read/unread option)
  1. Select “Add to tasks”
To view or edit the task, you simply click on “View” on the confirmation message that pops up immediately. However, this is only there for a few seconds.
If you miss it, simply open up the app to locate the newly tasked email. If you have your list sorted by date, you’ll find the task at the bottom under “No due date.” Otherwise, it should be the first task on your list.
Just like any other task, you can add details, subtasks, and set a date and time (as a reminder to yourself to reply, for example). And just like the desktop version, there is a direct link to the email at the bottom for easy access.

Sorting Tasks

You may sort your tasks by date or in any order you wish to have them. You can do this by pulling up the overflow menu and selecting between “My order” or “Date.”
Having your tasks sorted by date basically means tasks with the earliest scheduled due date will be listed at the top of your list and descend accordingly.
Note that you cannot rearrange your tasks if you have them sorted by date.
To bring in the “urgent versus important” debate here, the task that is due next obviously does not mean it is the most pressing task. So, you are welcome to sort your tasks yourself with “My order.”
By default, this is the order in which you have entered the tasks, with the newest addition at the top of the list. But you can rearrange the tasks however you wish.
It is worth noting that you can choose to have your tasks sorted differently in the app and desktop (e.g., by date in the app and by your own order on desktop or vice versa).
Whether you are thinking of starting a business or already have one up and running, Google Tasks’ simple design and features are guaranteed to make your business’ task management hassle-free.
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Friday, 31 August 2018

Presenting the Android App i developed for NYSC Orientation Camp Tsafe, Zamfara State.

Presenting the Android App i developed for NYSC Orientation Camp Tsafe, Zamfara State to the NYSC Zamfara State Coordinator at NYSC SAED Exhibition Program.

The App was designed to make things easier for a corp member serving in Zamfara state.
The App contains the following:
*About NYSC, (What, When, Who, & objectives of the scheme.)
*Saed Program nationwide
*Anthems (National Anthem, Second Stanza National Pledge, and NYSC Anthem)
*NYSC Secretariat (Phone number, email, website and location, and navigation on map)
*NYSC Admin only message Whatsapp groups
*NYSC Bye-Laws
*Suggestions Box
The app is subjected to further development to include more features like:
*Army sound( 6am and 6pm, call to Kitchen, call to parade groud)
*Photo Gallery.
*The App designed to bring all NYSC orientation camp activities in one place.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Download UDUSOK Android App

Udusok  is an android app developed by Umar Kabir Dan anini for Usmanu Danfodiyo University Sokoto (UDUSOK) to make

  • Checking Admission
  • Checking Result
  • Checking Hostel accommodation request
  • Checking MIS.  
  • Online Notice Board
easier and faster for student.

1. One click page loading.
2. Easier saving of result
3. Optimized pages
4. Security
5. Simple User Interaction
 and much more.  

Click on the below link to download Udusok app now