How to be an Oppurtunity-Driven Developer - Umar Kabir Dan Anini at Google I/O 2022

  How to be an Opportunity-Driven Developer Let me start by sharing a Short Story,  8 years ago while I was still a student at Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto  , believe me when I say I am not a first-class, not even close, but I scored A's in all my programming Courses, I remember very well whenever am having a programming exam, I will enter with two pen blue and black, one to write my code and the other to document each line of it.   After taking a java course, I started getting curious about building apps for mobile phones, and I was lucky Java was the official Android Programming language then. Hence, it was easy for me to navigate through the course. It was during fasting that I first built an app that really solves a problem; it was an Emergency App that allows users to report incidents to the nearest security office via SMS or Internet attaching their registration information and GPS coordinates for easy navigation. I was so happy debugging the Code that I delayed breaki

HOW I SPENT MY 2021 From January to December

  HOW I SPENT MY 2021 FROM January to December. (Highlight)  1. On 1st January 2021, I shared how I spent my 2020 from Jan to December 2. On 3rd January I had a meeting with the commissioner of youth about a program called SO-YEEP, which targets the youth, and today because of ICT integration themessage has reached up to 20,000 youth in Sokoto and a lot has benefited already. 3. On 9th January I shoot a video on how to be safe online after sharing your sensitive information to a fake site. 4. On 12th January I celebrated my birthday for the first time at 25 by cutting a cake (From Dr. Nasir Daniya)and also as a married man. and like always on my birthday, I hosted computer training for kids. 5. On 17th January, I participated in the inaugural public-private sector engagement forum organized by ICT Directorate 6. On 28th January, I talked about Social media platforms and TikTok specifically atVision FM. 7. On 30th January, I took the covid 19 test and the result came negative. 8. On 30t

How i spent my 2020 ( January to December)

  How i spent My 2020 from January to December 1st January, I trained 100 women at FOMWAN on digital skills. 12th January I celebrated my birthday by training children on how to use computer. 29th January I helped Shop360 in Kano to be visible online. 9th February i was live at Vision FM, where i talked about how to curb the spread of fake news. 10th Feb, I learned some indirect Cyber crimes that could send someone to jail. 20th February . I was part of  the great youth volunteers network by Hon. S.A  on Youth matters Nuraddeen Harande Mahe to bring about positive changes to Sokoto State. 28th February ,  I was part of the organizing Committee to train Sokoto Jamb candidates to help them use computer easily during their exams. 21st February , i learned the concept of wealth management and growth.  1st March ,I was at sokoto youth dialogue where we discussed how to harness youth resourcefulness for the development of sokoto state. 7th March, I showed primary children some basic skills t

HOW I SPENT MY 2019 [Jan-Dec]

HOW I SPENT MY 2019 [Jan-Dec] 1st January, I founded Dan Anini Digital Solutions to provide affordable digital solutions to my community. And i took a challenge to be active and productive throughout the year. January 12. I celebrated my birthday by giving a family talk on how one can be safe online. January 15th. I finished a course on motion graphics. January 28th. My contribution to drawing the attention of the Youth toward ICT was recognized by the Sokoto State Governor, Rt. Hon Aminu Waziri Tambuwal. 6th February, i participated in the vote not fight movement by YaliNetworkSok. 5th March, I organized a free digital skills training for business owners in Sokoto with support from mind the gap and google. 6th April,  I trained about 2000+ Youth corp members in Sokoto on how they can use Digital skills to better their lives after service year with support from mind the gap and google. 10th April, I started  providing digital solutions to business in Kaduna. 11th A

Get More things done using Google Task

On 26th and 28th of November 2019, I presented a Seminar on the topic The Power of  Google Task: Get Things Done  Mobile Application is service delivery. The Seminar was organized by  D9 International Consulting  and sponsored by the  Nigerian Ports Authorit y to build the human capacity of their employees. According to  research  " The brain processes  400 Billion bits of  information a second . BUT, we are ONLY aware of 2,000 of those ."   The world is filled with so many sources of distractions such as Social Media, Movies and so many other things our brain can easily get confused and to avoid that, it needs a roadmap, it needs a plan, it needs a structure in order to stay organized.  Our Smartphones being the major source of our distraction, can be used to make us productive as well. Google task  is a mobile application developed by Google to make task management simpler and easy, it replaces the normal paper to-do list with more advanced features and impro

Presenting the Android App i developed for NYSC Orientation Camp Tsafe, Zamfara State.

Presenting the Android App i developed for NYSC Orientation Camp Tsafe, Zamfara State to the NYSC Zamfara State Coordinator at NYSC SAED Exhibition Program. The App was designed to make things easier for a corp member serving in Zamfara state. The App contains the following: *About NYSC, (What, When, Who, & objectives of the scheme.) *Saed Program nationwide *Anthems (National Anthem, Second Stanza National Pledge, and NYSC Anthem) *NYSC Secretariat (Phone number, email, website and location, and navigation on map) *NYSC Admin only message Whatsapp groups *NYSC Bye-Laws *Suggestions Box The app is subjected to further development to include more features like: *Army sound( 6am and 6pm, call to Kitchen, call to parade groud) *Photo Gallery. *Lectures (ICPC, SDGs, EFCC, NDLEA, NAFDAC, CBN, CAC, GOOGLE, and SECURITY) *The App designed to bring all NYSC orientation camp activities in one place. #NYSC #NYscZamfara #NYSC-App

Download UDUSOK Android App

Udusok  is an android app developed by Umar Kabir Dan anini for Usmanu Danfodiyo University Sokoto (UDUSOK) to make Checking Admission Checking Result Checking Hostel accommodation request Checking MIS.   Online Notice Board easier and faster for student. Advantages 1. One click page loading. 2. Easier saving of result 3. Optimized pages 4. Security 5. Simple User Interaction  and much more.   Click on the below link to download Udusok app now Download Now!