January Summary: "In January, I had a busy month presenting papers on various topics, including remodeling the Sokoto State Media Corporation's library using technology, social media marketing, digital strategies to increase revenue for Alelawa Fertilizer Company, and personal and business branding. I also celebrated my 26th birthday and founded a food delivery company called, which was commissioned by the Governor of Sokoto. In addition, I had a productive meeting with Nigerian Super eagle players Abdullahi Shehu and Ahmed Musa and attended a program at American Space on careers in tech for education development. Finally, I shared my thoughts on the importance of trying different things, becoming a web developer or mobile app developer, and being grateful to receive more." 1st:  I shared how I spent 2021 from January to December. 5th: I Presented a paper on remodeling the Sokoto State Media Corporation’s Library using technology. 11th: I presented a paper

How to be an Oppurtunity-Driven Developer - Umar Kabir Dan Anini at Google I/O 2022

  How to be an Opportunity-Driven Developer Let me start by sharing a Short Story,  8 years ago while I was still a student at Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto  , believe me when I say I am not a first-class, not even close, but I scored A's in all my programming Courses, I remember very well whenever am having a programming exam, I will enter with two pen blue and black, one to write my code and the other to document each line of it.   After taking a java course, I started getting curious about building apps for mobile phones, and I was lucky Java was the official Android Programming language then. Hence, it was easy for me to navigate through the course. It was during fasting that I first built an app that really solves a problem; it was an Emergency App that allows users to report incidents to the nearest security office via SMS or Internet attaching their registration information and GPS coordinates for easy navigation. I was so happy debugging the Code that I delayed breaki

HOW I SPENT MY 2021 From January to December

  HOW I SPENT MY 2021 FROM January to December. (Highlight)  1. On 1st January 2021, I shared how I spent my 2020 from Jan to December 2. On 3rd January I had a meeting with the commissioner of youth about a program called SO-YEEP, which targets the youth, and today because of ICT integration themessage has reached up to 20,000 youth in Sokoto and a lot has benefited already. 3. On 9th January I shoot a video on how to be safe online after sharing your sensitive information to a fake site. 4. On 12th January I celebrated my birthday for the first time at 25 by cutting a cake (From Dr. Nasir Daniya)and also as a married man. and like always on my birthday, I hosted computer training for kids. 5. On 17th January, I participated in the inaugural public-private sector engagement forum organized by ICT Directorate 6. On 28th January, I talked about Social media platforms and TikTok specifically atVision FM. 7. On 30th January, I took the covid 19 test and the result came negative. 8. On 30t