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HOW I SPENT MY 2021 From January to December

  HOW I SPENT MY 2021 FROM January to December. (Highlight)  1. On 1st January 2021, I shared how I spent my 2020 from Jan to December 2. On 3rd January I had a meeting with the commissioner of youth about a program called SO-YEEP, which targets the youth, and today because of ICT integration themessage has reached up to 20,000 youth in Sokoto and a lot has benefited already. 3. On 9th January I shoot a video on how to be safe online after sharing your sensitive information to a fake site. 4. On 12th January I celebrated my birthday for the first time at 25 by cutting a cake (From Dr. Nasir Daniya)and also as a married man. and like always on my birthday, I hosted computer training for kids. 5. On 17th January, I participated in the inaugural public-private sector engagement forum organized by ICT Directorate 6. On 28th January, I talked about Social media platforms and TikTok specifically atVision FM. 7. On 30th January, I took the covid 19 test and the result came negative. 8. On 30t